Your Recording Snippet

Copy and paste the script below into the <head> of every page you wish to record.

<!> <script> (function () { window['_cbl_clientId'] = '#id#'; window['_cbl_libs'] = ["detect", "recorder", "compression"]; var d=document;var a = d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];var r = d.createElement('script'); r.async = 1; r.src = "";a.appendChild(r); })() </script> <!>

Identify Users

Userships allows you to identify your users with your own application specific email ID. You DO NOT need to make any changes to your existing Userships code.

To enable this, add the javascript code below that points to the variable that holds the email ID you would like us to associate the session with. (e.g: myapp.profile.emailid)

Block or Unblock Element

Block or unblock a specific element on your page by adding the below class against each input. To block an element from being captured, add the uss-block class against the element in your code

<input class="other-classes uss-block"/>
To capture an element, add the uss-unblock class against the element in your code
<input class="other-classes uss-unblock"/>
By default Userships does not record numeric data and passwords. The unblock method here only unblocks numeric data capture. Password are still not captured.

Recording for

Pause recording for your Userships account.

Restrict Domain

Restrict recording for specified domains. Subdomains (e.g., are restricted.

Block IPs

If there are clients that you would like to block from being recorded by Userships. Add their IP addresses here.

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